The start signal for renewed fundamental modernisation of the foundry is July 17, 1998 at the opening of the new warehouse. During the next two and a half years DM 40,000,000 is employed to bring the Ortrander Eisenhütte up to a sustainable competitive production facility. At the moment something like 40 % of production is going to suppliers to General Motors and Ford. In a few years the ratio between heating and automotive castings is intended to be exactly the reverse.

On August 19, 1999, Ortrander Eisenhütte shareholders give a renewed start signal for further expansion. The Brandenburg Secretary for Trade and Industry, Burkhard Dreher, recognises the commitment of the Brunner and the Rosai families, as the adjustment to market requirements carried out by them have made the foundry capable of surviving. The state of Brandenburg keeps its word, funding the mammoth project to 50 %. Up to 2001, 33,000,000 EURO is invested in the factory site, and by 2002 annual production and turnover has doubled. The foundry is increasingly acting for suppliers to the automotive sector. 150 new jobs are to be created by this in Ortrand. The promising commissioning of the new Ortrander Eisenhütte takes place on April 15, 2002.