Eisenhütte GmbH (1992-2002)
The Brunner and the Rosai families receive the allocation from the Berlin Trust at privatisation.At the beginning of October 1991 the final negotiations begin in Berlin. It is only on April 1, 1992 that the difficult two year longpoker negotiations are concluded and the Brunner and the Rosai families are able to take over Ortrander Eisenhütte GmbH with equal shares as a joint subsidiary.
Both lower Bavarian managing company shareholders, Ulrich Brunner and Alfred Rosai, have to lay on the table a seven figure sum for the "filet" of former GDR heavy industry, which had been modernised for some 2,400,000 Marks to meet the latest state of the art shortly before unification, and in addition clear a 900,000 Mark minus in the company balance sheet. From day one it is clear that Ortrander GmbH is going to be developed into a powerful iron foundry with new furnace developments and as a castings supplier for the partner operations in the whole of Germany and across Europe. The envisaged Ortrander monopoly position is based on a relatively central location and its future production range. On the basis of an application for business development aid on April 14, construction starts in 1993 on modernising the plant and equipment at the foundry; even the surroundings take on a more friendly face.