Within the framework of the operation organisation in our Company, the fundamental task for the Purchasing Department is expressed as "Everything that is bought is bought by Purchasing"
Whether raw materials, auxiliary or operating supplies, machines, plants or services; the extensive range on offer requires the comprehensive knowledge of our specialists, after all the quality of the raw materials and plant that we use has a decisive influence on the production process and on the product quality. That is why we have a very simple requirement of our suppliers:

We only ever want the best.

Exclusively qualitatively high value materials and services taking into consideration fundamental criteria such as: quality, price, delivery, delivery reliability, dependability and fulfilment of legal requirements are sourced by our Purchasing Department as an internal service provider at the request of the Company departments.

Our suppliers are evaluated annually under our quality management system. The minimum requirements are to meet the requirements set out in DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We are preparing in the near future to be able to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO/TS 16946.

Do you want to show us what you can do? Would you like to be one of our suppliers? Then we look forward to you contacting us, as explained under Purchasing Department.