Human Resources/ Organisation
Questions relating to the economics and organisation of work, personnel and organisation planning encompass the activities of this department.

The progressive social development in society also presents our company with the task of helping our staff to satisfy their needs for greater independence combined with self expression in each of their areas of responsibility in addition to the wish for long term assured jobs and income. We want employees who identify with the results of their work. That is why TEAM WORK is not only written large but is also actively lived.

Cooperation under a common target with result orientated control forms the key to our success in employee development. Over 200 permanent staff with sector specific qualifications help substantially to determine the performance of our Company.
Instructing young people and individual promotion to take over future responsible positions is given great attention, whereby knowledge transfer from older to younger employees is promoted and focused in performance.

Sector specific further education serves the continuous further development of the performance of our personnel and has a not unimportant influence on the expansion of our unique position characteristics in the international markets in our sector.

All this has to be organised and, if the organisation is also a system for durable regulations, we understand this to be a continuous process of change suited to an optimum task fulfilment.
Short and sharp:
Target orientated, coordination, continuity and division of labour are the four factors characterise our capable structure and operation organisation.
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