Maintenance is risk management, in our Company too, and is an effective instrument in avoiding costs and increasing turnover. The ever increasingly complex processes make it necessary to have a change in thinking in purchasing as far as maintenance is concerned, in the organisation of the maintenance process itself and in the use of specialist knowledge in order to minimise the risk of interruption of operation and to increase the availability of plant and machinery. Maintenance as a service provider to production is one of our management strategy targets und describes the process of change from breakdown intensive maintenance to planned maintenance; planned maintenance is an investment in the future.

The application of modern methods in production planning of complex maintenance processes and implementation by applying modern forms of organisation describe the tasks of our Maintenance Manager.
Maintenance is the generic term for inspection, servicing, repair and modification.
Our Company has taken the route of sensible linking of in house maintenance and buying in services, also known as outsourcing. The achievable synergy effect is measurably noticeable in the increasing know-how on both sides.

If you offer maintenance services of high quality, then you could become our partner. Ask us; perhaps what you do is exactly what we would like.