IT - Management
Information technology plays an important role in our Company and has a direct effect on the quality of our products.

IT is already to hand in production planning where your patterns are checked for feasibility, using simulation software, possible optimisations are carried out and optimum characteristics for the casting process are established, so that your desired pattern can move quickly on to series production.

Fully automatic charge make-up and processor controlled mf furnaces are further examples for the applications of our very modern information technology. The individual production stages can be reality monitored and controlled on the basis of extensive production data. Not only the composition of the melt is analysed but also the casting temperature and important characteristics of the moulding sand are checked and visualised using special software.This keeps the production process at a constantly high level and if there are deviations from the planned characteristics, corrective measures can be introduced immediately.
The target task of this department is to ensure the functionality of information technology in the Company and to introduce new information technology. This covers not only the production area but also telecommunications, server technology and employees work stations.

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