The enduring safeguarding of our customers' satisfaction is at the heart of our work. Integrated quality assurance in all production processes creates the foundation for this.

All processes at Ortrander are covered by a DIN ISO 9001: 2008 certified QM system.

Our sophisticated test methods and qualified, motivated personnel enable us to supply you with products according to requirements complete with VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) and certificates according to EN 10204.

Starting from chemical analysis through monitoring the dimensional and mechanical values and material and microstructure properties, these are all test procedure requirements which are available at Ortrander:

•2 emission spectrometers with 22 elements
•Integrated data capture and analysis system in the melting shop
•Thermo analysis unit
•3D measuring machine
•Microscope with computer analysis and metallographic preparation
•Ultrasonic measuring unit and wall thickness test unit
•Universal tension-compression strength test machine
•Hardness testing equipment
•Surface crack testing using magnetic powder test process
•Part specific bend test equipment
•Sound test plant for material declaration

Additional as tests as required are carried out in cooperation with certified independent test laboratories.