Iron-carbon-cast alloys are our metier:grey iron according to EN 1561, spheroidal graphite cast iron according to EN 1563, as well as vermicular grey iron or special alloys for high heat resistance applications or for extremely smooth surfaces for enamelling or coating.

The materials are melted in our modern processor controlled mf melting plant according to your specification and preconditioned, if required they are magnesium treated and cast through inductively heated casting furnaces under shielding gas. This process ensures the necessary analysis and temperature consistency throughout the whole production cycle.

Casting is on boxless mould machines with vertical mould joints – DISA system. We have been working with this technology for over 30 years, years during which we have gained a distinct pool of knowledge and ability and an instinctive feel for the process – to the benefit ofour customers.

The end of the production chain for raw castings is grinding and blast cleaning. All other parts are further processed on our five axial CNC machines and are given a surface finish. In many cases we also assembly finished units.

Axel König
Production Manager